The Silver Medal in Engineering Acoustics

The Silver Medal is presented to individuals, without age limitation, for contributions to the advancement of science, engineering, or human welfare through the application of acoustic principles or through research accomplishments in acoustics. The recipients of the Silver Medal in Engineering Acoustics are listed below.

Year Recipient Contribution
1974 Harry F. Olsen For his innovative and lasting contributions in microphones, loudspeakers, sound reproduction, and electronic music, his many publications, and his constructive editing.
1976 Hugh S. Knowles For leadership, innovation, vision in the application of acoustical science and technology in industry and government and, in particular, for contributions to the advancement of technology for hearing improvement.
1978 Benjamin B. Bauer For his contributions to engineering acoustics, particularly in the development of techniques and devices used to pick up, record, and reproduce sound.
1982 Per Vilhelm Bruel For significant contributions in sound level instrumentation and precision measurement, and for notable leadership in international standards in acoustics.
1984 Vincent Salmon For contributions in the design of horns and the control of noise and vibration.
1986 Albert G. Bodine For his ingenuity in developing sonic vibratory devices of great technological importance.
1989 Joshua E. Greenspon For his leadership and contributions to the solution of underwater radiation and scattering problems.
1992 Alan Powell For leadership in research in the silencing of ship noise and for fundamental contributions to aeroacoustics.
1995 James E. West For developing and optimizing polymer electret transducers.
1998 Richard H. Lyon For contributions to noise reduction and products through design and to Statistical Energy Analysis.
2001 Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac For development of novel electret microphones and of micro-electro-mechanical sensors and positioners.
2004 John V. Bouyoucos For the invention and development of hydraulically powered acoustic amplifiers for underwater use.
2007 Allan J. Zuckerwar For contributions to the theory and practical development of tranducers and their use in fundamental measurements.
2012 Gary W. Elko For application of digital signal processing to microphone arrays for airborne sound.
2019 Thomas B. Gabrielson For contributions to the understanding of novel transducers and their intrinsic limitations imposed by thermal and quantum physics.