Technical Committee on Engineering Acoustics

The Technical Committee on Engineering Acoustics is concerned with the evolution and improvement of acoustical techniques and apparatus, and with the promotion of new applications of acoustics for useful purposes.

Transducers and Arrays

Underwater Acoustic Systems

Acoustic Instrumentation and Monitoring

Applied Sonics

Audio Engineering

Acoustic Holography and Acoustic imaging

Acoustic Signal Processing

Ultrasound and Infrasound

Activities of the Committee

The EATC meets twice a year, once at each of the two meetings of the Society. At these committee meetings, members plan special technical sessions for future meetings, and report on activities of interest to the committee from inside and outside the Society. These include Standards, awards, publications, and liason with other technical committees.

Committee Chair to 2024:
Michael R. Haberman

Liaisons to ASA Administrative Committees
Christopher J. Struck, member of ASACOS
Yun Jing, member of Membership Committee
Stephen C. Thompson, member of Medals and Awards Committee
Zane Rusk, member of Student Council