Technical Committee on Engineering Acoustics

The Technical Committee on Engineering Acoustics is concerned with the evolution and improvement of acoustical techniques and apparatus, and with the promotion of new applications of acoustics for useful purposes.

Transducers and Arrays

Underwater Acoustic Systems

Acoustic Instrumentation and Monitoring

Applied Sonics

Audio Engineering

Acoustic Holography and Acoustic Imaging

Acoustic Signal Processing

Ultrasound and Infrasound

Activities of the Committee

The EATC meets twice a year, once at each of the two meetings of the Society. At these committee meetings, members plan special technical sessions for future meetings, and report on activities of interest to the committee from inside and outside the Society. These include Standards, awards, publications, and liason with other technical committees.

Committee Chair to 2015:
Roger T. Richards
169 Payer Ln
Mystic, CT 06355

Liaisons to ASA Administrative Committees
Robert M. Drake, EA Representative on ASACOS
Gary W. Elko, EA Representative on the ASA Committee on Medals and Awards
Stephen C. Thompson, EA Representative on the ASA Committee on Membership

Term expires in 2014


Steven R. Baker
David A. Brown
Stephen C. Butler
Robert D. Corsaro
Robert M. Drake
Brian H. Houston
Robert M. Koch
Arnie L. Van Buren
Kenneth M. Walsh

Term Expires in 2015

Richard D. Costley
Gary W. Elko
Guillermo C. Gaunaurd
Michael R. Haberman
Thomas R. Howarth
Dehua Huang
Lixi Huang
Andrew J. Hull
Victor Nedzelnitsky
Scott P. Porter
Michael V. Scanlon
Mark Sheplak
Stephen C. Thompson
Daniel M. Warren
James E. West

Term expires in 2016

Joshua Atkins
Mahlon D. Burkhard
Kenneth G. Foote
Frank D. Fratantonio
Fernando Garcia-Osuna
Jan F. Lindberg
Allan Powell
Roger T. Richards
Neil A. Shaw
James F. Tressler
Michael Wilson

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